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CSA Shares Available!

Greetings from Mary’s Kitchen and Gardens! In the midst of this chilly season, we are already thinking about the produce we will plant, tend, and gather from next year’s gardens. We’d like you to think about that produce, too!

This will be the second year that we offer subscription shares of produce. These are called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares because by ordering your produce in advance, you support our business and help us know how much to plant. Plus, you get a fantastic deal on a weekly cornucopia of chemical-free produce.

You’ll be amazed at how much time and money you’ll save at the grocery store when you’re getting your vegetables fresh from the farm! Each week’s share will include your favorite vegetables as well as a few new items for you to experiment with. The season runs from about June 1 through the middle of September– about fifteen weeks. There are three sizes of share to choose from, and you can choose to pick up your share at our farm, at one of our farmers market locations, or have it delivered.

• Full Share: $575 – This should be plenty of produce for a family of four.

• Half Share: $400 – This would be a better option for a family of two or a single party.

• Single Share: $225 – This option would be best for a single person or a family that would like to try us out.


• Home delivery: $50 for the whole CSA season, availability depending on your location.

• Eggs: Farm fresh eggs! $3 per dozen or $45 for a dozen each week for the whole CSA season.

We are so excited to provide you and your family with homegrown, farm-fresh vegetables, raised according to organic principles. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have prior to submitting your registration. If you need to make a payment plan in order to fit your budget, just let us know. We would also like to offer a few shares to those of you who are interested in a “Work Share.” This would allow you to work alongside us in the gardens during planting and harvesting in exchange for your share of produce.

To sign up, use the form on the next page!

To sign up with a debit or credit card:

For news and recipe suggestions: • Like us on Facebook • 605-366-3479

Please share this information with your friends, co-workers and neighbors!

Consider purchasing a share as a gift for someone you care about!

CSA Share Registration

Please complete and mail this form with at least a $50 deposit by January 31, 2013 in order to reserve your share!




Email Address:

CSA Share Size: ❏Full Share $575 ❏Half Share $400 ❏Single Share $225

Delivery Option: ❏Pick Up ❏Home Delivery (add $50)

Add Eggs: ❏One dozen each week (add $45)


(Note: For check and cash orders, prices already include tax.)

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About Us

We live on a farm nine miles north of Beresford. We have been gardening since 1985 and have now turned our passion for growing food into an opportunity to provide chemical-free produce to others.

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Our goal at Mary’s Kitchen and Gardens is to provide homegrown produce following organic principles and practices to ensure healthy options for you and your family to enjoy. Our commitment is to provide quality, locally-grown produce on a consistent basis.