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As my husband would say, the last rains we have received are worth a million bucks and everything is growing great in the gardens.  Just finished planting some transplants of additional tomatoes, peppers, leeks and brussel sprouts!!  Check us out on Facebook for recent pictures of the gardens. It is really exciting to see things thriving and looking great.  New items planted this year include kale, romaine lettuce, strawberry spinach, dried beans, chives and garlic.  We are probably going to be ready to roll with Farmers Market in 2-3 weeks!!    In addition to Harrisburg this year on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings, we will also be at Landscape Garden Center on Saturday Mornings from 9-2 on South Minnesota Avenue. Listen to their radio show and email notification when we are ready to go at that location. REMEMBER TO CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK FOR SOME GREAT PICTURES OF THE GARDENS!!