CSA Shares Still available!

Hope you are all doing well and keeping warm with the cold weather we have been having lately!  Phil saw his shadow so only six more weeks still spring!!  I have started a number of plants inside: Broccoli,Cauliflower,Leeks,Onions,Cabbage, an assorment of Peppers, both sweet and hot, and some Tomatoes.  I am going to get some more seeds started today. We are working on finishing up the high tunnel, weather permitting, so that we can transplant as early as possible.

New Items we are going to try this season: Okra, Bunching Onions, Rutabagas,Yellow Snap Peas,Red Cabbage,Lemon Drop Peppers, Watermelon,Popcorn, Fennel, Sweet Potaotes,Pimentos Peppers and Haberos.  Also Watermelon, Muskmelons, and Cantaloupe. More to come on this….

We have started receiving share requests for our CSA weekly produce delivery for the 2013 season. We still have some shares available so please review our prior posts or email me and I can send you the sign up information. If you have already signed up Thank You. Please share with your friends and family.

We are offering a Full share:  $550.00 This Share is adequate for a family of four
                             1/2 share:  $375.00  This Share is adequate for a family of two
                        Single share:  $200.00  This Share is a great way to get started and try us out to determine how much fresh produce you and your family use on a weekly basis.  Home delivery is available for $50.00 more for the season. A $50.00 deposit is needed to secure your share. Please email or call me with any questions.

I also joined the SD Local Foods Coop and have some Canned Goods and Baked Goods available for sale or you can contact me directly. email: maryskitchenandgardens@gmail.com. Phone (605) 366-3740.