Pure Veggies

We grow our vegetables according to organic principles, only using organic-approved, naturally-derived sprays, and using other methods to control pests and weeds.
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Homemade Goods

Mary’s kitchen is a busy place, churning out homemade pickles, salsas, jellies, quick breads and more.
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Farm-Fresh Eggs

Our chickens enjoy sunshine, fresh veggies and bugs! Did you know that chickens with a better diet produce more nutritious eggs?
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Mary’s Kitchen and Gardens is located on the fertile soil of South Dakota on a small farm somewhere between Sioux Falls and Beresford. We bring produce, eggs, canned goods, and baked goods to our customers throughout the Sioux River Valley area. We take pride in bringing you the freshest and the best.

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Farmers' Markets

Each summer we are involved in a farmers’ market to bring fresh produce and baked goods to you.

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Lee and Mary Storo on their CSA farm between Beresford and Sioux Falls

Our Story

We have been gardening since 1985. Since we bought our current home nine miles north of Beresford, South Dakota, our gardens have grown and grown. We started offering CSA subscriptions and bringing our vegetables to market a few years ago. Gardening is now our full time job!

Our Mission Statement

Our goal at Mary’s Kitchen and Gardens is to provide homegrown produce following organic principles and practices to ensure healthy options for you and your family to enjoy. Our commitment is to provide quality, locally-grown produce on a consistent basis.